Breach notification is the process of notifying customers, patients, or clients as well as other third parties and government regulators, that personal information has been compromised.  The timeframe and specifics of what needs to be reported varies depending on the type of information compromised, the method of compromise, and the number of individuals affected.


There are typically three sources of breach notification rules that may apply to your business:  California; Federal, if your business is a “covered entity” under HIPAA; and payment processors and acquiring banks, if your business accepts credit and debit cards.  RobbLAW has experience with Federal and California breach notification laws as well as dealing with payment processors and acquiring banks.  We will work with your business to determine if your particular situation requires a breach notification. RobbLAW is ready to help.


To help limit your liability for civil actions against you and to limit your admission of guilt to government regulators, RobbLAW should be involved from the very beginning so EVERYTHING you discuss and find during the course of your investigation is protected under Attorney-Client Privilege or as Attorney Work Product.