An Internal Audit is an independent and objective assurance designed to add value by improving your operations before facing an external audit and can include both financial and technical controls.  RobbLAW has extensive experience focusing on IT audits, Information Security, Data Governance, and financial risks. We help our clients gain a better understanding of the risks and opportunities in their organization.  We partner with our clients to develop a five year strategic roadmap that prioritizes any deficiencies or gaps we identified.  Some of those gaps will be remediated by updates to your policies and procedures, however, other gaps may require additional resources or technology put in place.  Either way, identifying your deficiencies and gaps is the first step to remediation and RobbLAW is ready to help.

Our comprehensive Internal Audit services include:

  • General Computer Controls

  • Change Management

  • Information Security

  • Pre- and Post-Implementation Reviews

  • Database and Network Security

  • Cloud Computing

  • Social Media

  • Mobile Devices and End-User Computing


The biggest advantage to having RobbLAW conduct your Internal Audit is EVERYTHING you discuss and find during the course of the audit is protected as either Attorney-Client privilege or Attorney Work Product.