Risk Assessment is the identification of hazards that could negatively impact your business’ ability to operate. These assessments help identify your inherent business risks and provide measures, processes, and controls to reduce the impact of those risks.  How a risk assessment is conducted varies widely depending on the risks unique to the industry your business is in and any compliance regulations that apply.  RobbLAW helps our clients by making use of a Risk Assessment Framework (RAF) to prioritize and present the details of the assessment.  We understand our clients’ ultimate goal is to evaluate hazards and determine the inherent risk created by those hazards.  We prepare our clients to benefit from the assessment by recommending potential control measures to offset the negative impact posed by the hazards we identified.

Whether your business is just starting or one that has not conducted a formal Risk Assessment in a while, RobbLAW is ready to help.

The biggest advantage to having RobbLAW conduct your Risk Assessment is EVERYTHING you discuss and find during the course of the assessment is protected as either Attorney-Client privilege or Attorney Work Product.